Why is Islam the way to GO?

Well, I had commented on this numerous times now in this blog. As a Muslim and speaking of Islam. I need not to defy the realities around me just to justify that my faith is right. Islam has come with a core system that supports science and critical thinking. A system that promotes logic and doesn’t undermine one’s intellect. This is in part to address the issue that fellow Christians face when asked about the bible and scientific inaccuracies therein. From an Islamic perspective, the bible is not an accurate record of the word of God. I have looked up couple of versions of the bible and it is mind boggling the discrepancies found from one version to another (I don’t understand how a person can manage to stay focused on course with this in mind). In fact, this is THE one reason why a lot of Christians have doubts about their faith, certain theologies therein, and also can’t carry out a logical debate/discussion about faith, science and the concept of God (please don’t be offended. I just want to give a constructive feedback at the apparent reaction atheists and agnostics have when they engage you in discussions). This of course leads to a lot of people giving up the faith (Christianity) unfortunately. I know a lot of people nowadays that tell me that they were born Christians but don’t really believe in God! The existence of God is the truth and we have that in common among the three major religions in the face of the denial of God.

Now, why is Islam (at least in my view for now) a more comprehensive and presents a logical alternative (even though we believe that Jesus was the truth, Moses was the truth and their message was the truth). The simple idea is that the Torah and the Bible have been fiddled with by humans after the revelation from God. This is obviously not the setting to discuss and elaborate on this. However, the Quran is a book that has no contradictions whatsoever! A book that has 114 chapters in 600 pages that tackles all aspects of life. This book is in fact one of the biggest miracles of prophet Mohammed (Peace and Blessings be upon him) – other prophets had their own miracles as attested by the Quran, Jesus with raising the dead with God’s permission for example, Solomon with ordering and having command of the wind by the permission of God, Moses with his stick and the red sea incident, Noah with the arc that saved him and others from the flood, etc (Peace and Blessings be upon all of those prophets). Those miracles are not comprehensive but rather some examples for some of the prophets.

The Quran was revealed in Arabic at a time where the people of Arabia were very eloquent and poets so the Quran came in their language and challenged their eloquence and challenged them to come up with verses similar to the verses they heard. The challenge is still ongoing for humanity to find any contradictions in this book but it is either there are no takers or (most likely) people are unable to show any flows in this divine book that has been preserved through generations for the past 1400 years ago.

To make this short, and to address a question that you had in regards to carrying out a conversation without referencing the holy book. Indeed, we can have such a discussion but we both have to abide by the same game rules. The same way you “demand” a proof for the existence of God (creator, Supreme Being), I would ask and demand that you furnish proof for the non-existence of the divine ent-ity or an ent-ity that created everything around us (call it God, call it Inventor, call it owner, whatever). Why is it that you feel that you have the right to ask of others to provide a proof when you have no basis or evidence to prove the opposite? By the way, this by no means allot to a weakness on my side for proving the above without referencing the Quran (the matter rather is easier than referencing the divine word).

I will start by presenting you with a quick overview of why I believe that the Quran/Islam is the right way to go. For one, I am fascinated by science and scientific discoveries. An engineer by background and hence my inquisitiveness and curiosity like many in regard to the universe and science is endless. With the context kept clear at the back of our minds (Quran was revealed 1400 years ago), I can’t help it but to attest to its authenticity when the prophecies and proclamations therein become true and/or discovered in the 20 and 21st centuries. I will give you some examples: heard of the big bang? A verse in the Quran tells us that this is the beginning of the creation! Heard of black holes? A detailed description of black holes is mentioned in the Quran! Heard of hyperspace? A description of wormholes (openings to other universes) and the state of humans would be if they were to make it to other universes is mentioned in the Quran! This is of course in addition to more tangible experienced realities around us like the lowest point on this earth as told by the Quran. In addition, things like the condition of oceans in extreme depths (Darkness etc). All of which were impossible to know about 1400 years ago! What do you call this? Coincidence? Luck? Fairy-tales? All I am asking you is to be rational, reasonable and logical without the arrogance of the soul that could be detrimental to us! In other words, If what I said above makes sense, then either say so or take your time to think about this.

Is the above an enough proof that the Quran is the word of God? For some, Yes! For others, it is not! I am not sure why and would really appreciate your feedback as it gets perplexing at times when you see people that profess that they are all about logic and reasoning but when it comes to something they dislike or don’t believe in, they switch off (throw logic out the window). You response should be within reason as well! Try to be convincing in your rational and elaboration to help me and others understand what’s in your mind. One of the biggest issues I have seen with Atheists and Agnostics, they tend to attack Christianity and spend time and effort to show how it has all those flows and that God doesn’t exist but they never offer any alternative. They always ask (like here for example) that Christians and people of other faiths prove that God exists without relying on the text within the holy book but then THEY will rely on the findings of scientists and the writings of scientist (so they do quote actual writings). The difference they claim is that this is SCIENCE! Using that claim (I agree that science goes through a methodology that gives us a certain level of confidence in the findings), wouldn’t it be logical that you believe that the Quran is the word of God when you realize that it has talked about a lot of the scientific discoveries you have today and upon which you base your “belief”. Also, would it be adequate to ask that you prove that the car parked in your garage doesn’t exist? You are thinking that I am crazy! No, point is what is crazy is that you ask that people prove that the creator (inventor, architect) of the CAR exists while you firmly believe that the car exists but have no explanation (plausible and scientific) for how it existed.. Now this I can nonsense let alone talking about logic and rational.

Alright, I better stop now and will follow-up when I hear your responses hopefully.


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